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New England '4000 Footer' Hikes

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

New England offers some of the best hiking in the United States! Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont are the only states in New England that have official 4,000 Footer Mountains. A 4,000 footer is a mountain that has an elevation of at least 4,000 feet and a minimum of 200 feet prominence. (Prominence is the vertical separation between a peak and the low point of the highest ridge connecting it to a higher peak. In easier lingo, it is the minimum distance one must descend before climbing to reach another peak.) All the criteria is determined by the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC). There are 67 mountains total in New England that are considered 4,000 footers. The count by state is as follows:

  • ME: 14 mountains

  • NH: 48 mountains

  • VT: 5 mountains

Click here for a complete listing of the 4,000 footers

Note: Because of our 2019 summer travel plans we didn't have a chance to complete any 4,000 footers that year.

We've completed the 4000 footers listed below. Clink on the hyperlink to navigate to the individual blogs:

1. Mount Washington: Aug 2018 9.7 miles

2. Mount Eisenhower: Sep 2020 - Completed as loop 10.8 mile

4. Mount Lafayette : Oct 2020 - Completed as loop 9.9 miles

6. Mount Moosilauke: Oct 2020 10.0 miles (entry gate closed so extra 1.7 miles)

7. Mount Tom: Aug 2021 - Completed as loop 7.4 miles.

9. Mt Garfield: Sept 2021 10 miles

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