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Summary of 6-Week Trip Through Great Britain: Aug-Sep 2019

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Dave and I decided to try planning an extended overseas trip through a single country to see what it would be like to really experience life abroad. After some discussion, we settled on a 6‑week trip through the GB. Dave thought it would be wise for our first such ‘extended’ trip to be in an English‑speaking country before trying to tackle a location where English would not be the primary language. Once the location was selected it was time to dig into the details and identify where in the GB we would spend our time.

We followed our typical travel planning exercise. We collaborate on choosing where to visit. I focus on identifying specific areas/activities to visit. Dave focuses on finding unique places to stay. FYI, over the course of 6 weeks we stayed at 15 Airbnbs. Try scheduling that itinerary without double booking at least one day or worse case not scheduling an overnight stay.

At a high level we planned almost 3 weeks in Scotland, 1 week in Wales, and 2 weeks in England. We realized that we could easily have chosen to spend the entire time in England but we wanted to include Scotland and Wales. Besides, it’s not out of the question that we will go back and spend more time just exploring England. A map that we prepared for family members outlining our route is provided below.

Listed below are the individual blogs by country. In some instances, I have combined multiple days within a single blog (e..g. Glasgow: Aug 7-9). While in other circumstances I've written one blog about a specific activity (e.g. Buachaille Etive Mor Hike)

Click on the link below to navigate to a specific blog.




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