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How to Spend 10 Days in Oregon

Updated: May 24, 2022

After spending a week traveling in and around Seattle, Dave and I began a 10-day trip through OregonThere were so many possibilities, but we finally agreed on the following itinerary.

We started in Seattle and ended with a brief stay in Portland with the following stops along the way. Listed below are the individual blogs by stop. In some cases, I have combined multiple days within a single blog while other blogs are dedicated to a single adventure.

Click on the links below to navigate to a specific blog.

A: Seattle

B: Lewis and Clark National Historical Park

C: Netarts Bay

Coastal Beaches

Cape Lookout Hike

God’s Thumb Hike

D: Crater Lake National Park

E: Mt Hood National Forest

Coopers Spur Hike

Zig Zag Canyon Hike

F: Columbia River Gorge

Chasing Waterfall in Oregon

Whitewater Rafting on the White Salmon River

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